Magic moment

Island - 2011

It is cold and I'm tired after a drive for several hours on one of the gravel roads across Iceland's highlands. It is late afternoon, the sun is low, and I am all alone in this amazing landscape. I am in Kerlingafjöll, and I am looking at one of the most breathtaking sceneries I have ever seen. I was told about this place by one of the locals. The mountains are yellow and orange - I am in one of Iceland's geothermal areas.

I decide to create a panoramic picture of the scene, and mount the camera on my tripod. Suddenly it happens - the low sun breaks through the clouds and the sunrays tits the mountain in the left side of my motive. I have to work fast, and decide to measure light in the snowy mountains compensate with one aperture. Then I make a series of photos that with an appropriate overlap.

I just finished the eight photos, when the sun disappears. It all lasted less than one minute, but I did it, and hope that the images can be stitched seamlessly – fortunately they can - truly a magical moment.



  • The price is for the unmounted picture - canvas can be shipped internationally rolled in a tube ready to mount.

    Bemærk billeder monteret på blindramme leveres kun i Danmark

    Mounted pictures is only shipped to Denmark

    Mounted pictures is only shipped to Denmark

    Mounted pictures is only shipped to Denmark

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