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Henrik grew up in a family that was interested in photography and already in his teenage years he started taking photographs himself. In primary school, he chose photography as an optional subject and learned to work in a darkroom. Since then, photography has always been a part of Henrik’s life.

For the first several years, photography was a hobby for Henrik. He enjoyed photography and working with his images, but this was alongside a career as a biologist and researcher. That changed in the year 2000 when Henrik decided to make photography his livelihood. At first by writing books and articles about photography. In 2009 he opened his own photo gallery from which he sells his pictures and books, and he makes a living from that today.


The gallery turns 14 years

This year marks 14 years since the Gallery first opened. It’s fantastic to be able to work with what you want, so I feel very privileged, says Henrik Schurmann


Henrik publish his own magazine

When you take pictures over many years, the picture archive eventually becomes enormous, and Henrik thought it would be nice to show some of them in other ways than as large photostats for the wall. With this, the idea for a Magazine was born.

The gallery now publishes the magazine Fornøjet, where Henrik collects pictures within a subject. The first issue was published in 2021. It was about the coast. Since then, more have been added, e.g. “Paths and roads” and “Island” and it is intended that there will be more when inspiration strikes.

ASIA 2018

A look at Asia

On a tour of Asia, Henrik visited Vietnam, Tailand, and Indonesia. There are plenty of motifs in those countries, and when you travel for several months, there is also time to take it all in. My experience shows that the more I work with a subject the more good pictures I get. Of course, there are situations where the first image is the best, but usually it takes more time, especially in landscape photography.


The Danish coast line

Henrik has always been attracted to coasts, and it is lucky to live in a small country with 7000 km of coastline. The Danish coasts are very different. Here is everything from pebble beaches to fine sand or steep cliffs. When you walk along the coast you can always find a motif – there is plenty of it.


Traveling in Iceland

Over the years there have been many trips to Iceland. You can’t get enough of photography trips to this amazing country. The landscapes are unique and it is a joy to get there and wait for the right light and the right composition for another picture for the collection.

Photo Henrik Bjerregrav


Icelandic horses

The Icelandic horse is something very special. I have photographed them many times, both in Iceland and also in Denmark, where it is quite widespread. We even have one in the family.

Photo Henrik Bjerregrav


Photographic expeditions

Living as a landscape photographer offers many unique experiences. Many of the journeys take place by car and occasionally you find fantastic places to park for the night. Here we are in the Dolomites in 2017, a trip that provided fantastic mountain motifs with dramatic rock formations. These kinds of landscapes always offer drama and mystery, which are in no way reminiscent of the landscapes of the flat homeland.



Trips in canoe are one of the absolute best ways to get great photos. When you stay in nature for many days, you get it all. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets, as well as the whole day to follow nature either from a canoe or on land by the lake shore. And if you are a light sleeper, there is also much to be gained at night in the bright Nordic nights.


Lava fields

Iceland has many distinctive landscapes. In the moss-covered lava fields, you find countless subjects, and occasionally a photographer sticks his head out.


Norway’s longest river

Henrik has always enjoyed photographing water, both streams, lakes and the sea. On a trip to Norway, he spent a lot of time photographing the Glomma, which is Norway’s longest river. Here it is near Røros, which is close to the start of this mighty stream.



The Nordic countries have a special place in Henrik’s heart. It is fascinating to visit the Norwegian mountains and move above the tree line. The most beautiful small mountain plants bloom here, so if you have an eye for the details, there are always pictures to take.


Forest with wood anemonees

If you look in Henrik’s photo archive, the most common motif is the anemone forest. Here are close-ups, overviews and all sorts of other ways to photograph anemones. In the gallery there is also a very popular picture of the anemone forest, a picture that decorates and creates a spring atmosphere in many homes.

USA 2010


Ever since I was young, the American photographer Ansel Adams has been a great source of inspiration. I have studied the landscape pictures he took and especially his image processing carefully. In 2010, I had the opportunity to try my hand at the large landscapes of Yosemite National Park in California, and visit Ansel Adams’ gallery at the bottom of the valley. It was a fantastic trip that I would very much like to repeat.


Kronborg Castle

In connection with the work for the book “Strandvejen fra oven”, I had to use a special picture of Kronborg. I rented a lift that could hoist me up the good 20 meters next to the flag so I could get a picture of Dannebrog, with Kronborg in the background.
The picture I took that day is one of the most popular pictures of Kronborg, and it can be bought as a postcard and magnet both in my own gallery and at the castle.


From above

In 2006, Henrik became a photographer on a large project from above, which was supposed to start with Copenhagen from above. It has turned into many hours in a small plane over Copenhagen, and then the rest of Zealand. Several books came out of the project, but “Copenhagen from Above” is the best-selling. It has since been published in a 2nd edition and it still sells very well.

BIRDS 2004

Bird photography

Today, Henrik takes mostly landscape photography – but birds and bird photography have always been part of it. There is something fascinating about experiencing the birds and getting pictures of them.

Hornbogasöen in Sweden provides unique experiences with cranes in the spring.


Visiting Sirius – Greenland

On a Greenland expedition, we made the trip past the home of the Sirius Patrol, Daneborg. Here we were shown around and allowed to pet the cool dogs – what an honour.


Visiting Danmarkshavn – Greenland

Henrik has participated in several scientific expeditions in East Greenland. At the first he was involved as a scientist, but later as a photographer. The work consisted of documenting the researchers’ work and taking pictures of the fantastic landscapes.
When you are this far north, you don’t just sail past – so here we are on a courtesy visit to Danmarkshave – a small weather station, staffed by seven men.



Filmning wildlife

Henrik was part of a nature film company from 1998 and 10 years onwards. We were three biologists (Charlotte Munksgaard, Jørn Madsen and Henrik Schurmann) who wanted to make serious nature films from Denmark. It was a fantastic time and, by the standards of the time, good films came out of it, from many parts of Denmark and Greenland.


Photo expedition

A tour of New Zealand in 1987 is one of the great experiences in Henrik’s memory. Together with two biologist friends, he traveled around for 3 months to photograph and experience this fantastic country.

On the journey, they also visited the Fiji Islands in the Pacific Ocean and Australia

Henrik is in the process of photographing the New Zealand kea (mountain parrot).

At that time there was still some hair on the head 🙂


Reindeer in the wilderness

Henrik’s first major task as a photographer was to document a trip to Greenland. For two months we had set up camp near the ice cap in Kangerlusuaq. We were 9 biology students who had set out to study the reindeer in the area. At this point, Henrik had been interested in photography for 6 years, but it was here that the foundation was laid to make this hobby much more serious.